The Feast of Life

Are you interested in the arts? Do you wish to get involved in a fun yet purposeful sociable activity which fuses the major arts in one show? Good, then start the first quarter of 2019 with us.

We are putting on a Musical Theatre Production written by Marty Haugen from Good Friday to Easter Sunday which falls on 19-21st April this year and rehearsals start on Monday 14th January at 6.30 pm in the main body of Holy Trinity Church Llandudno.
Rehearsals will continue on Monday evenings until closer to the time. There is something for everybody to do. People who wish to sing – great, come along!

Even if you would not be confident singing there are plenty of people needed to perform scenes on stage. We also need people who play musical instruments. If you don’t want to be on stage but wish to help out – fantastic! We will need lots of people to carry out precious roles like advertising, costume, props, stage management, set design and build etc.

So don’t be shy, consider how you could contribute and come along and especially encourage those you know of all ages who might wish to be there. If anybody can’t commit to the 14th but wishes to be involved or for any other related enquiries, please visit our website or contact Martin Pritchard on 07523615384.

2 comments to The Feast of Life

  • Hefina Oates

    Hi there, my name is Hefina, I would love to be part of your Musical Theatre Group but unfortunately I’m away all of February, would love to have done some singing, would it be ok if I come to watch your rehearsal when I’m back!

    • editor

      Thank you for your message, Hefina. We would be delighted for you to join us whenever you are able to. If you would like to email us using the form on the Contact Us page we will be able to send you details of when and where the rehearsals will be held. We look forward to meeting you.

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