Welcome to Holy Trinity

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, there is only limited opening of Holy Trinity Church and St. Tudno’s Church. 

For details of Christmas services please see this page.

During this time we aim to send out weekly newsletters to keep everyone in touch.  There will be one for the Ministry Area in general and one for St. Tudno’s Church (many of whose “family” come from outside the Ministry Area). If you would like to receive one of these, please use the Contact form to let us know and indicate which newsletter(s) you would like to receive.

Holy Trinity Church is in the centre of Llandudno and is a very active place of worship, with services most days of the week. The church is open most days from about 8.30 am till 5.00 pm and offers a place of peace amidst the busyness of the town.

Fellowship is offered by the regular coffee mornings and Winter Warmers and by the various groups associated with the church, whilst social action includes support of projects for less advantaged people in the area.

The Calendar lists the services and events this month and we look forward to welcoming you to Holy Trinity.

Holy Trinity Church


Holy Trinity is a HiPoint! The HistoryPoints project provides information on more than 1000 places across Wales and the information is available via the website and at each location via QR codes which can be read with a mobile phone. Links to nearby HiPoints allow visitors to plan their own historic tours.

Holy Trinity has reviews on Trip Advisor and the independent comments from visitors can be seen by using the link below.

3 comments to Welcome to Holy Trinity

  • Gillian

    This isn’t a reply but a comment to the church, sorry but I couldn’t see a comments box.
    I need to say how sad my visit to go to the Xmas fair held in the church grounds was. I met women upset because they couldn’t afford to get in and I was sad.i realised that charging for entrance excludes the poor in spirit and at such a holy time.i would love to see this change and another solution found or indeed a venue not holy. Such sorrow for Christ.

  • Vivienne Eastwood

    Thank you for a wonderful memorial service this morning at Trinity. The atmosphere was relaxed & meaningful with the sun shining through the stained glass, letting us know that the dark clouds had passed & it was quite safe for us to follow the procession along the promenade to the Cenotaph. A fitting finale to the morning’s proceedings was the majestic full rainbow arcing over the Great Orme & the pattern made in the sand with seaweed & stones by two children. Trinity stands proud in the centre of Llandudno & today it rose to great heights. You should be equally proud of yourselves -thank you again.

    • admin

      Vivienne. Thank you for your very kind comments. If the truth be known, Holy Trinity is very pleased host the Civic Memorial Service but yesterday’s organisation was very much to the hard work of the Llandudno Town Council. I have forwarded your comments to the Deputy Town Clerk who I believe did much of the hard work. In any event, we are at Holy Trinity are delighted that you had such a fulfilling and enjoyable day.

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