Holy Trinity Car Park


 parking The entrance to Holy Trinity Church Car Park is on the south west of the churchyard on Trinity Square.

If using satellite navigation, use the postcode LL30 2RB to take you to the car park entrance. Note: this is not the postcode for Holy Trinity Church.

This is a “pay and display” car park and is open to members of the public. No charge is payable for those attending Sunday morning services provided vehicles are removed before 1 pm.

Parking Charges

Up to 2 hours £1
Up to 3 hours £1.50
Up to 4 hours £2
Up to 8 hours £5
Overnight (6.00 pm to 8.00 am) £2

Terms and Conditions

The following is a summary of the arrangements, rules and conditions for all parking in the grounds of Holy Trinity Church as set out by the Parochial Church Council. The co-operation of all those people using the facility will be appreciated.

  1. Any one person parking a vehicle within the Church grounds enters a contract with the Parochial Church Council and agrees to accept these terms and conditions.
  2. Only cars, motorcycles and small vans are permitted to use the car park. NO MOTOR HOMES.
  3. Vehicular Entrance and Exit for parking purposes in the main car park shall only be through the south access at the rear of the Church.
  4. The west access may only be used as an entrance by church officials, vehicles dropping and collecting people, and other deliveries/collections.
  5. Only church officials on church business are permitted to park in the seven spaces in the west car park (ie by the hall entrance).
  6. Everyone except a church official on church business must obtain a parking ticket from either of the two machines. If a machine is unserviceable, please use the other machine. Church officials on church duty using either car park must possess a valid permit to park.
  7. The ticket or permit must be displayed prominently on the dash/windscreen so that its details may be clearly visible from outside the vehicle.
  8. Vehicles should be parked neatly within the marked spaces. Parking is not permitted outside of the designated spaces.
  9. Those attending Holy Trinity Church services on Sunday mornings may do so without obtaining a ticket but the Pay & Display arrangement will operate from 1pm.
  10. Vehicles are parked at owners’ risk.
  11. Parking will be monitored at regular intervals. Failure to comply with these conditions could result in the use of this car park being denied.
  12. The current tariff is displayed on the machines.
  13. The Parochial Church Council reserves the right to change or amend these conditions if it deems it necessary.

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