The Great War Project – Overview

Memorial Chapel, Holy Trinity Church, Llandudno

Remembering those who gave their lives in the Great War



The three marble tablets in the Memorial Chapel.

These pages stem from a project to remember in our prayer those commemorated in our Memorial Chapel on the 100th anniversary of their deaths during or after the Great War.

Alphabetical listing of names

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After the Great War, the Llandudno War Memorial Committee compiled a list of the town’s war-dead. The listing was published as the town’s Roll of Honour (1921) and the names, virtually unaltered, were listed on the town’s War Memorial or Cenotaph (1922). The same list, with an additional five names, was remembered on the three marble tablets in the Memorial Chapel of Holy Trinity Church (1924).

These pages also includes names of those interred within the boundary of the then Llandudno Urban District (St Tudno’s Churchyard, the Great Orme’s Head Cemetery, and Llanrhos Churchyard) who are not remembered on our local memorials. Also included are those named on family memorials in St Tudno’s Churchyard who are not otherwise remembered – these men often had a strong family association with the Parish.

The biographies of all but four were completed as of August 2017. Additions and material amendments will be notified through our Facebook Group. The biographies will be ultimately printed and archived.

Missing names

It has come to light that there may be five names missing from the Memorial Chapel and up to 16 names missing from the town’s War Memorial. It is apparent that most of these names were omitted either because of a late death or because the family (who applied to have a name placed on the memorials) had moved away. Approaches are being made to have the names placed on the respective memorials in 2018 – the 100 anniversary of the Armistice.

Those missing from the Memorial Chapel and/or the War Memorial are highlighted in the alphabetical menus thus:

If you know the names of any soldiers, sailors, airmen or others who you believe to be missing from any of the Llandudno memorials, please comment in the box below. Please remember that the Llandudno memorials include only those who lived within the Llandudno Urban District or who has a significant connection within it. The district boundary ran from the Little Orme to the Conwy Estuary south of Llandudno. It did not include the communities of Penrhynside or Deganwy. It did include part of the village of Llanrhos. Please check the biographies before submitting a new name as it may have already been researched in which case please comment on the appropriate page.

Additional resources:

The Memorial Chapel

Originally planned and designed as the “Morning Chapel” before the First World War, the Memorial Chapel in Holy Trinity Church was built in 1924. It commemorates the war-dead of the town of Llandudno incorporating the same names, albeit slightly updated, as Llandudno’s Roll of Honour (a copy of which is hung at the west end of the church) and the town’s War Memorial (1922). Because the civic town of Llandudno incorporated the Parish of Llandudno and part of the then Parish of Llanrhos, some names are additionally to be found on the Parish of Llanrhos’ War Memorial which is in All Saints’ Church, Deganwy. Many of the names are listed on other memorials and these are given where known.


Detail of the first of the three tablets.

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