Prayers for Holy Trinity Church

A Prayer for the 150th Anniversary of Holy Trinity Church (2015)

by the Rev Jane Allen  

Banner for 150th anniversary

Banner for Holy Trinity’s 150th anniversary

Blessed and Holy Trinity,
we thank you for this place which,
by its name,
honours You,
Three in One and One in Three.
May the worship offered here
be always acceptable to You,
may the prayers be sincere and heartfelt,
may the music uplift hearts and minds,
may the preaching of your Holy Word inspire those who hear it to be your disciples in their daily lives.
We rejoice that this Church has been a blessing
to generations across the years,
and pray that in fellowship and service
to one another
it may continue to reflect your love for us now
and in generations yet to come.
You are our Creator and Lord of all.
You are our Redeemer and Saviour, Jesus Christ.
You are our Sustainer and Comforter, Holy Spirit.
In your Holy Trinity of love, there is unity and peace.
May that love, unity and peace,
be shown in this Church,
now and for evermore.


A prayer for all who visit Holy Trinity or Llandudno, whether in person or through this website.

by the Revd Jane Allen   

Parish banner

Parish of Llandudno banner

Holy and almighty God, yet
Our own Christ and Lord,
Loving Spirit, gentle Dove,
Yea, Three in One Adored.

To you, O Trinity above,
Resounds our song of praise;
In hymns we sing of your sweet love
Now and all our days.
It is our joy and our delight
To worship and adore,
You are our God, our Christ, our Dove,
always and evermore.

Loving Father,
Lord of all,
Accept the prayer we bring;
Nourish us with loving care,
Defend us ‘neath thy wing.
Unite us in true fellowship,
Deflect us from all sin;
Night and daytime, keep us safe,
O make us pure within.


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