Receiving Communion in our Churches

The Church in Wales now invites everyone who has been baptized (christened) in water in the name of the Trinity to receive Communion in its churches.

So if you have been baptized you are welcome to come to Communion in Holy Trinity and St Tudno’s Churches. You no longer need to have been confirmed, or to have been prepared for First Communion. This applies to people of all ages – though there are special arrangements for children – see note below.

If you have not been baptized or if you feel you are not yet ready to receive Communion you are invited to come up to the altar rail for a blessing. Please place your arms in a cross on your breast. The Rector would be pleased to help you prepare for Communion or to discuss Baptism. Please ask if you are interested in either of these.


  • Pre-school aged children will not be given Communion directly by the priest but will receive a blessing. However parents are invited to share a small part of their communion wafer with their child if they wish. They are responsible for making sure that the wafer is properly consumed by the child.
  • Primary School aged children will be given the consecrated bread only.
  • Secondary School aged children will be given both the consecrated bread and wine.


If you have never received Communion before don’t worry. Just come up to the altar and kneel at the rail (if you have difficulty kneeling please remain standing).

When the priest comes to you hold out your hands, one over the other, and a communion wafer will be given to you. The priest will say ‘The Body of Christ’ or ‘The Body of Christ keep you in eternal life’, and we normally reply ‘Amen’ before placing the wafer in our mouths.

The chalice (cup) containing the consecrated wine will then be brought to you and the person administering it will say ‘The Blood of Christ’ or the ‘Blood of Christ keep you in eternal life’, again we say ‘Amen’ before receiving the wine. The chalice will be placed to your lips, please take a small sip of the wine. Please don’t try to take or hold on to the chalice but it can be helpful if you gently help to guide it to your mouth.

When you have received the wine please remain kneeling (or standing) in your place until the person following you has also received. Then leave the altar rail and return to your place. It is good to acknowledge the presence of Christ by bowing before moving away.

Don’t worry if you forget all this when you get to the altar rail or get something wrong when you get there – it really won’t matter. The important thing is that you are able to concentrate on the presence of the Lord as you receive Communion.

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