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Welcome to St. Tudno’s Church
Croeso i Eglwys Sant Tudno

A new parish website is being developed and updates will now be made on the new site.

The ancient church of St. Tudno is a place of pilgrimage, peace and prayer and is an active place of worship within the Parish of Llandudno, including weekly open air services during the summer. 

The first open air service in 2015 was on Sunday May 24 at 11.00 am and the final service was on Sunday 27 September.  The Parish provides a taxi to the Sunday morning services. 
There are also a number of special services during the year including Carols by Candlelight on 20 December.  Please use this link to see the list of services at St. Tudno's  in summer 2015, while details other services and events in the Parish can be found on the Calendar and Special Events pages.  St. Tudno's Day is celebrated on 5 June. 

A Friends of St. Tudno's Church Group has now been formed and welcomes anyone who would like to join St. Tudno's extended family.  Please see the Friends' web page for further details. 

We hope that you will be able to visit St. Tudno's and a warm welcome awaits you at our services.  If you are unable to visit in person, we hope that visiting this web site will help you to experience something of this very special place, where Christians have been worshiping for more than 1400 years.

Open air service at St. Tudno's Church

The church is open every day from April till October and on Saturdays, Sundays, Wednesdays and bank holidays from November till March, weather permitting.  Visitors are encouraged to sign the Visitors' Book and to write prayer requests in another book.  When the church is closed each day, prayers are said for all who have asked and for all visitors.

A prayer for all who visit St. Tudno’s Church:

Father God, who led St. Tudno
To this blessed and holy place,
Lead us through life’s joys and sorrows,
Help us feel your peace and grace.


If you would like more information on St. Tudno's Church, please click here to contact one of the wardens  or the Rector.  Please see the map for directions to the church.   For the Sunday morning services, transport is available between Holy Trinity Church in Llandudno town centre and St. Tudno's Church.  

Thank you for visiting
 Diolch am eich ymweliad

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St. Tudno

St Tudno window

Window in Holy Trinity Church
In the sixth century the young Tudno (pronounced “Tidno”) entered the monastery of Bangor is Coed, near Chester, which was renowned for its learning, patriotism and missionary zeal. In faith, Tudno then came to the ancient rock of the Great Orme and climbed the steep paths of the windswept headland to bring to the little round stone huts the message of Christianity. 

St. Tudno’s Church, on the Great Orme, is an emblem in stone of the witness of men down the ages to the faith first brought to this part by Tudno, Saint and Confessor. 

St. Tudno is now the patron saint of Llandudno and his feast day is celebrated on 5th June.

Extract from T.F. Wynne's booklet  St. Tudno and St. Tudno’s Church,
available from the church
Celtic cross

One of many Celtic crosses in the churchyard

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St. Tudno's Church

St Tudno's Church

St. Tudno founded his cell on the Great Orme in the sixth century but no trace of the original building remains.  The present church was built in the 12th century but extended in the 15th century.  In 1839 the roof was damaged by a severe storm and it was decided not to repair the church but to build a new church nearer the centre of what was then the village of Llandudno.

St Tudno's Church from NW

In 1840 St. George's Church was built in Church Walks and served the mainly Welsh-speaking population.  St. Tudno’s Church was neglected until 1855 when an appeal was made for £100 to repair the roof and Mr. W.H. Reece of Birmingham and Plas Tudno, Llandudno, "gratefully resolved to restore the church at his sole cost as a thank offering for Divine Goodness".  The repair work began on St. Tudno’s day and the church was re-opened for public service on St. Luke’s day (18th October) 1855.

Stigmata boss
Stigmata boss
The oldest part of the present building is the north wall of the nave, which dates from the 12th century.  The font dates back to the 12th century and fixed to the south wall are two fine old stone coffin lids, which date back to the 13th century.  On either side of the east window are painted tablets with the Lord's Prayer, the Creed and the Ten Commandments in the Welsh language. 

In the roof is a wood carving, above the sanctuary step where people kneel to receive Holy Communion.  This is the stigmata, or representation of the five wounds of our Saviour, which depicts the two hands, the two feet and the side, each bearing a wound.  There is a similar boss in the neighbouring church of Llanrhos.  Obviously the work of a local craftsman, these two bosses are thought to be the only examples of their kind in the country.

Information from T.F. Wynne's booklet  St. Tudno and St. Tudno’s Church, available from the church

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 St Tudno’s Churchyard

The churchyard, within the boundary wall surrounding the church, was for many years the main burial place for the people of Llandudno, whose coffins and gravestones had to be brought up the steep roads of the Great Orme.   The earliest inscribed stones date from the 18th century and can be found close to the south wall of the church. 

St Tudno's churchyard

St. Tudno's churchyard has been closed for burials for many years and the Church in Wales regulations do not permit scattering of ashes in churchyards.  Please please click here to contact one of the wardens or the Rector if you wish to locate a particular grave in the churchyard.  However, there is often confusion as to whether a grave “on the Orme” is in the churchyard or in the adjoining Cemetery, which is administered by Conwy County Borough Council (01492 544677).

The large cemetery and the cemetery chapel are shown in the foreground of this photograph.  Just beyond the cemetery are St. Tudno's Church and churchyard, surrounded by a boundary wall. 

The cemetery opened in September 1903 and the majority of burials after this time would have been in the cemetery rather than the churchyard. 
Cemetery and St. Tudno's Church and churchyard

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Sophia's drawing
Children are very welcome at St. Tudno's.  The open air services are ideal for children: the service style is relaxed with plenty of hymns, there are interesting things to look at (birds, boats on the sea, maybe even some of the Great Orme goats), younger children can wander about and older ones might like to ring the bell before the service (it's quite a small bell) or help to take the collection. 

Don't worry if the service is inside the church instead of outside - everyone is welcome and no one minds a bit of noise. 

Many thanks to Sophia (aged 8) for this lovely, and very accurate, picture of St. Tudno's, which she drew during an open air service.

Pet Blessing service


Dogs are very welcome and there are some who are regular members of the congregation.  Nobody minds if they try to join in the hymns!

Don't worry if the service is inside the church instead of outside - dogs are welcome to come in too. 

If your dog is thirsty, a bowl of water can be found in the porch.

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News, services and events in 2016

Church opening
From 1 November to 31 March, St. Tudno's Church is open weekends, Wednesdays and bank holidays, weather permitting.  From 1 April to 31 October the church is open every day. 

Winter Service Season
Over winter, services are held once a month, usually on the last Sunday of the month, and the Sunday morning services will be followed by refreshments. 

October 25 11.00 am A Service for Bible Sunday
November 7  9.00 am Boer War Remembrance (Saturday)
November 29 11.00 am A Service for Advent
December 20 3.00 pm
4.30 pm
6.00 pm
Carols by Candlelight
Carols by Candlelight
Carols by Candlelight
January 31 11.00 am A Service for Candlemass
February 28 11.00 am A Service for Lent
March 27  6.00 am Easter Vigil, followed by breakfast
April 24 11.00 am Stations of the Resurrection
May 29 11.00 am First Open Air Service

Worship at St Tudno's in 2015
The season of open air Sunday services at St Tudno's is from the end of May till the end of September but it is possible to worship there throughout the year.  On Saturday mornings at 9.00 am, a small group gathers to say the office of Morning Prayer.  You are welcome to join us and it is a wonderful experience to have this time of prayer in such a holy place. 
Fr. John

Summer open air services, Sundays at 11.00 am
The summer service season is from the end of May to till the end of September.  A free taxi leaves Holy Trinity Church in Llandudno at 10.30 am.  If the weather is bad, services are held in the church. 

Please use this link for a list of all services at St. Tudno's in  summer 2015 and  please see the St. Tudno's page for  further details of special services. 

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Recent events

There is a new parish website under construction.  Please see the new St. Tudno's pages for details of events.

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These prayers were written by Revd Jane Allen, for some of our St. Tudno prayer cards and were inspired by the presence of God which can be felt in the church and the beauty of the surrounding countryside.

Lord and Father, we thank you for the beauty of this place which you created.

In all the uncertainties of our world, may the hills which stand steadfast and sure about us speak of the steadfastness of your love; may the sea around us with its eternal ebb and flow keep us aware of your ever-flowing grace; may the open sky above us remind us that your mercy is always offered to us. 

Help us to remember that we are part of your Creation and that you cherish us and hold us in the palm of your hand. 

Great Orme near St Tudno's Church
Great Orme near St. Tudno’s Church

Snowdonia fron the Great Orme
Snowdonia from the Great Orme
Loving Father, when the way seems difficult, when the day seems weary, when we are troubled, or lonely, or sad, lift us up into your presence, just as the hills are lifted up. 

Comfort us with the knowledge of your love, nourish us with the beauty of mountain and valley, sea and sky spread out before us. 

Thus strengthened and refreshed, may we journey on, trusting that you will guide us in the steep places, show us the pathway when it is hidden or uneven, walk with us wherever our road may lead. 

We ask this in the name of your dear Son, who is the way, the truth and the life. 


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Photographs © C. Jones
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