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‘Here I am’ – three brief words but they yielded a wealth of meaning as the theme for our Exploring Worship Service on Sunday, June 14th 2009.

One by one, members of Trygs, our Parish Youth Group, presented stories and situations from the Bible which ended with the commitment of these words.  Then, in lively drama our young people worked through the meaning of ‘Here I am’ in our response to others – awareness of their needs, not turning away but giving even at cost to ourselves of our time and attention.  In conclusion our confirmation candidates spoke Jesus’ words from Matthew’s Gospel, Chapter 25 vv 35 and 36.  So, in scripture, music and drama, in imagery, psalm and symbolic action, we explored these truths.  Reverend Jane gave a Meditation – as we offer ourselves to Christ, he is always giving himself to us, and amazingly needing us for his work in the world.  In words from one of our Eucharistic prayers – ‘In Christ, your Son, our life and yours are brought together in a wonderful exchange.’ Anne Hooper led us in prayer reflecting these thoughts and Reverend Jane gave a blessing.

Thank you to our young people, to those who will be confirmed in July, and to those who guided them to bring us this hour of imaginative worship.

Eileen B

The following article was written by our Vicar, Jane, for the October 2007 edition of the Parish Magazine.
(Jane retired as Vicar in 2009 but if you are interested in TRYGS, please contact the Rector and he will put you in touch with one of the helpers.)

A “Mad” Weekend!

Well, that’s the official name given to the Bangor Diocesan Youth Weekend that Trygs, our Youth Group, attended just a couple of weeks ago.  It was quite an adventure, starting at 4.30 pm on Friday 14th September when six of our young people piled into our Coach at Holy Trinity for the trip down to the Christian Mountain Centre just south of Harlech.  There was a mountain of luggage as well, as the young people needed to bring sleeping bags, mattresses, and quite an extensive kit list.  We had been warned that “they will get wet” – which proved to be absolutely accurate for those who did any of the water sports on offer! – so changes of clothes were a necessity.

It took us about an hour and a half to reach our destination and, as the Centre is just across the coast railway line with a gate that is closed unless the signal box gives special permission to open it, we had to walk the last few yards with all our belongings, which we dumped in the reception area and then we went straight in to supper.  It was really good to see nearly 60 young people between the ages of 11 and 16 gathered together from all over the Diocese.  After the meal everyone was allocated their sleeping quarters.  The two lads shared a four-bedded room with two other lads and all four girls went off to the Stables, where they shared accommodation with another five girls and one of the Youth Leaders.  

At 8.30 pm everyone set off for what proved to be quite an adventure in itself, namely a walk across the fields in pitch darkness, with only torches for light, down to the beach, where one of the Centre Leaders led a Meditation to the sound of the waves under a starlit sky.  Back to the Centre and an evening hot drink before retiring for the night.  

Breakfast was at 8.30 am and then everyone went their separate ways to their chosen morning activity, the choice being rock climbing, canoeing, kayaking, raft building, orienteering and initiative tasks.  After a break for lunch, there was another activity session in the afternoon.  The Saturday evening meal was a barbecue and then two bands entertained everyone.  By the way, there is a strong Christian ethos at the centre - all meals start with grace, at breakfast there is also a “Thought for the Day”, and the day finishes with a Meditation.

On Sunday morning after breakfast and room inspections (quite a feature of the weekend), there was a walk to the Church where the Bishop celebrated an informal but meaningful Eucharist.  On our return to the Centre, the Bishop asked to see our group, as he wanted to thank them personally for the money they gave last year to funding the training of a doctor in Uganda, money which has made it possible for this young man to continue his training this year.  You might like to know, that Trygs has decided to give another £250 pounds towards supporting him.  Then it was lunch and into our Coach for the drive home.  On the way back, I asked the group to write a paragraph about the weekend – here’s what they said:

“This Weekend was super!  Thank you.  I really enjoyed the activities and the food.  The rooms were great and the staff were always happy.”

“I’ve had a great time at CMC because of all the new experiences and new people we’ve met.  The staff were very friendly and the food was great and I’m looking forward to going again.”

“I have really enjoyed this weekend and have had fun doing all the activities and meeting the new people there.  Thank you for a really fun weekend!”

“I really enjoyed this weekend.  I had great fun.  I met new people and made new friends.  I also enjoyed the activities.  They were fun!”

“I’ve had a great weekend!  I loved the activities and I made some fab new friends.  I wish we could have stayed longer so we could try all the other activities and get to know everyone we didn’t get a chance to this weekend.  The food was lovely and staying in the Stables was a fun adventure.  Thank you to everyone there for making this weekend a weekend to remember!”

“I really enjoyed the weekend.  I loved the rock climbing and the kayaking.  The food was good as well!”

Perhaps I should add that we had some really nice comments from the Leaders about what a nice group of young people we have in Llandudno – an opinion I absolutely agree with.  I have to confess that I didn’t go rock climbing, kayaking, canoeing, orienteering, etc. etc. – perhaps next time (in your dreams!).

Please remember Trygs in your prayers (the group also includes another two lads who were over the upper age limit of 16 or else I’m sure they would have been with us).   When we hear so much that’s negative about young people, it’s good to know we have a group to be proud of who faithfully raise funds for the child we sponsor through World Vision in Africa and the dog we sponsor through the National Dogs Trust, as well as money they’ve given to the School Project and training the doctor in Uganda.  They also make a meaningful contribution to our church life through worship and give valuable support in Sunday School, so you can see that they are an important part of our Church Family who we give thanks for.

If you would like to know more about TYRGS, please contact the Rector.

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