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Sunday school news in 2009, 2008, 2007
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The Sunday School meets in Holy Trinity Church Hall at 10.30 am on Sundays during school terms. 

Sunday School news
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Harvest Festival 2009

Harvest festival The Sunday School prepared this lovely basket to help decorate Holy Trinity Church for Harvest Festival.  The basket shows many different things which are harvested and was complete with harvest mice saying "We thank God for the harvest".

Good Friday Children’s Service 2009
A gathering of children, mums, dads, grandparents and friends came along to Holy Trinity to remember the first Good Friday.  Everyone joined in colouring a poster, making a miniature Easter Garden, prayers and hymn singing.  We are so fortunate in having a Sunday School, especially one that is so warm and welcoming to all.

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Palm Sunday, 2009

Palm Sunday processionThe Sunday School led the Palm Sunday procession on 5 April.  The Sunday School Cross was followed by a donkey, the Sunday School, choir and congregation.

Ephiphany, 2009

My five-year-old grandson Thomas was staying with me in January and asked me if he could he go to church with me. He had been to some services with me and although he was well-behaved I thought it would be more enjoyable for him to go into Sunday School.

I stayed in Sunday School with him and I am not sure who enjoyed it the most – Thomas or myself.  Jane, her helpers and the children made us very welcome.  We had prayers, a story, we learnt a new song with actions, and we made items relevant to the story.  After biscuits and juice we them coloured in a picture of ourselves and a dove which we placed onto a frieze of the river Jordan (this can be seen hung in the church hall).  I photographed the frieze for Thomas so that he could show it to his mummy and daddy.  He is so proud of this and tells anyone who will look and listen that he was being baptised in the River Jordan.  We then went into church and after a full morning Thomas couldn’t wait to come back.  I went back into Sunday school to help the following week.  I must congratulate Jane and her helpers for the wonderful work they are doing with our younger church members as I don’t think we realise just how hard they work and what a lovely happy group of children we have in our church family.
Barbara Y

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Advent and Christmas, 2008

Christmas collageDuring Advent 2008 the Sunday School learnt about Christmas and made this lovely collage.  On Sunday 15 December they joined the congregation at the beginning of the service, to show their work and nativity costumes while singing "Away in a Manger", before going to the Church Hall for their Christmas Party.

On Tuesday 16 December, members of the Sunday school and Ysgol San Sior and their families joined in the Christingle Service.  Please see the Special Events page for a photo of this.

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Flower Festival, 2008

Flower festivalThe Parish Flower Festival was held in Holy Trinity Church on 27 - 28 June 2008 and the theme was favourite hymns. 

The Sunday School children worked hard to help make these beautiful arrangements and decorations to illustrate "The Butterfly Song", which begins "If I were a butterfly, I'd thank you, Lord, for giving me wings" and mentions all the other animals shown in the pictures here. 

There are some more photographs of the Flower Festival on the
Events at Holy Trinity in 2008 page.

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This article was written by Jane, our Vicar, for the March 2008 edition of the Parish Magazine.

I’ve deliberated highlighted the word “OUR” in the title above because it’s so important that parishioners and Sunday School children (and their parents) understand that we too are a worshipping and learning part of the congregation in our Parish.   I also felt that this might be a good time to give you an update on the Sunday School, so let me tell you a little bit more about us and what we do.

First of all, our Sunday School falls into three sections – infants, juniors and seniors, and it’s good to report that there seems a nice flow between the three sections.   We have some interested and committed seniors who work with Sandie, and they have quite lively discussions, exploring in a little greater depth the teaching from the Bible Story.  They also write prayers – and very good ones they are too. Our juniors happily answer questions and ask them as well, and everybody (including the grown-ups) enjoy the craft work we do – which ranges from making paper bag puppets, to colouring, gluing, making collages, etc.   Importantly, the craft work is for a purpose, which is to help make the Bible Story we always have at the beginning of each session more alive and real.

Just let me give you an example.   We have been learning about the “lost” stories which Jesus told – the lost sheep, the lost coin and the lost (or prodigal son).   When we had heard the story of the lost son and how sad his father was when the son went away and seemed to be lost to him, we then made paper bag puppets.   Each child was given a big paper bag (representing the father) with a face on each side, and then made a sad face and a happy face, and a smaller bag, again with a sad and happy face which represented the son.    We stuck hair on the faces, put on lips turned up on one side and down on the other, and then told the story again using the sad and happy faces as appropriate.   The children really learnt a lot from this particular activity.  You might like to look out for some of the things the children bring in when they join you at the altar rail – the children have worked hard to make them.

We very much enjoy saying verses with actions, singing songs, doing drama and mime, and again all of these things reinforce the Bible story and the teaching we take from it.     We are getting a good selection of these together, and hopefully you’ll hear some of them when we are next in Church for a special service.

Christina and Sandie are our two leaders, and we meet when we can during the week to plan out the following Sunday and to see what preparation work needs doing.   An hour of Sunday School usually needs several hours of preparatory work, and I have very much appreciated the help given by many of our parishioners in cutting out, cutting up, drawing faces, etc.    Christina, Sandie and myself also appreciate the extra help given on a Sunday morning by those kind people who come in and stay for the whole of the session, especially when one of us cannot be there.   

An added bonus is the help and commitment we have from three Trygs members – Lewis, Seren and Rebecca who are working towards getting a Junior Sunday School Helper Certificate.    They are invaluable, helping with setting out, tidying up, giving a lead to the children and in many other ways.   This term they are keeping log books to describe the sessions in detail and make comments.

And finally, we have also started having a Service at least once a term which includes the Eucharist.   This is carefully explained, and we have lots of visual aids to help the children become familiar with the Service.  The children take as active a part in this as possible, from setting up the altar, to lighting the candles, to giving out books, etc., etc.    We are learning responses too so that when we are in Church we can join in as much as possible.  Those who have been confirmed take Communion which gives an opportunity for communicants to experience the full Communion Service.

So please keep us in your prayers, and if you ever want to attend and observe any Sunday morning we would love to welcome you.     If you would like to help on a regular basis, again please just have a word.


(Jane retired as Vicar in 2009 but if you are interested in the Sunday School,
please contact the Rector and he will put you in touch with one of the helpers.)

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Harvest Thanksgiving 2007

On Sunday 7 October 2007 the Sunday School took part in the Harvest Thanksgiving service and the following account of the service appeared in the November issue of the Parish Magazine.

Sunday School collageWe have something very precious in Holy Trinity Church: we have a tradition of praise and thanksgiving to God that has stood the test of time and has been passed down the generations for over a hundred and thirty years.

How wonderful it was on Sunday to see our young people continuing this tradition as they processed into church singing the well-loved Harvest hymn: “We plough the fields and scatter the good seed on the land.”

Following the clergy and choir, the children of the Sunday School, led in by Christina, placed their harvest gifts on a table in front of the Altar.  What a beautiful sight this was, adding to the decorations all over the church, lovingly prepared by the Flower Team under Gwen’s skilled leadership; flowers, berries, fruit and vegetables filled the church.Sunday School collage

 Following Fr John’s greeting and our prayers of penitence, the young people led the readings and intercessions and what a wonderful job they all did.  Thanks to Rev Jane, Sandie, Christina and all the helpers who have worked so hard in preparing the children.  First, the Junior section presented readings from Deuteronomy and then we heard a dramatised version of the Gospel presented by Trygs Youth Group, with young people from the Junior Section giving the responses.

Phil, a member of Trygs, led the moving prayers of intercession and then we all shared the Peace.

At the Offertory, Ray played an upbeat version of “He’s got the whole world in his hands,” accompanied on percussion by the youngest members of our Sunday School.

Sunday School collageOh that we, bruised and world-weary adults, could once again experience such abundant joy in our worship.

Following the Holy Eucharist and Communion, we were treated to the beautiful Anthem “All things bright and beautiful”.  How fortunate we are in having such a wonderful choir; it was great that the congregation dared to show their appreciation on this occasion.

We ended with the hymn “Come ye thankful people come,” thereby completing the tradition of harvest hymns passed down to another generation.

On our way out, we admired the colourful collages, depicting God’s gifts to his people, that the Sunday school had made in craft sessions over a number of weeks.
Sunday School collage
May I share with you a verse from the prayer of Archbishop Romero:

This is what we are about:
We plant the seeds that one day will grow;
We water seeds already planted knowing that they hold future promise;
We lay foundations that will need further development;
We provide yeast that produces effects far beyond our capabilities.


If you would like to know more about the Sunday School, please contact the Rector.

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