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News, services and events in 2011

Winter opening
From 1 November to 31 March the church is open weekends, Wednesdays and bank holidays, weather permitting,
From 1 April to 31 October, St. Tudno's is open every day. 

Sponsor-a-Slate is a fundraising scheme organised by the Friends of St. Tudno's Church to help raise funds to re-roof the church.   In September 2010 Sponsor-a-Slate the target, when theArchbishop of Wales, Dr. Barry Morgan, sponsored the 1000th slate.  It is still possible to sponsor a slate but the slate might now be a re-used one from the current roof, rather than a new one.  

Carols by Candlelight 2011
The annual services of Carols by Candlelight were held on Sunday 18 December at 3.00 pm and at 5.00 pm.  The Friends of St Tudno's Church prepared the church but it was not possbile to set out the path lights due to the squally weather.  However the weather did not put people off and we were delighted to welcome 120 to the first service (first photo) and 55 to the second (second photo).  There are more photographs on the Holy Trinity events 2011 and Friends of St. Tudno's archive pages.

Carols by Candlelight at 3 pm

Carols by Candlelight at 5pm

South African War Memorial
On Saturday 12 November a wreath was laid at Llandudno’s “other” war memorial to honour men who had died in their country’s service in an earlier conflict far from home.  The South African War Memorial in St. Tudno’s churchyard on the Great Orme commemorates four men from the Denbighshire Hussars Imperial Yeomanry and the Royal Welch Fusiliers who died during the 1900-1902 Boer war.  The memorial was erected by public subscription and in 2009 it was restored by the Lions Club of Llandudno.  On Saturday the Lions, with some of their families and other supporters, attended a short service of remembrance at St. Tudno’s Church before laying a wreath at the memorial.  There is another photograph on the Holy Trinity events 2011 page.

Remembering the Boer War

Remembering the Boer War
Remembering the Boer War

Autumn Working Party
This was on Saturday 15 October:  the weather was glorious, the benches were put away for the winter, the churchyard was tidied and there was even time to enjoy a cup of coffee in the sunshine. 
Autumn working party   Autumn working party

Evening Prayer
The last service of the summer season was Evening Prayer on Sunday 25 September at 4.00 pm.  The service was followed by tea and cakes.

Friends of St. Tudno's Eucharist
On Saturday 24 September there was a Eucharist for the Friends of St. Tudno's Church, prior to the Friends' AGM. 

Open Church Day
On Saturday 17 September St. Tudno's took part in the national Open Church Day.  The church was "manned" by the Friends of St. Tudno's Church, who welcomed visitors, provided refreshments, gave talks on the church and showed slides of old pictures of the church.

Open Air Songs of Praise
This was on Sunday 28 August and was in addition to the regular open air service in the morning.  The hymns were chosen and introduced by members of the Friends of St. Tudno's Church.  The invitation choose a hymn was open to everyone in the parish but it was the Friends who took up the challenge. 

Friends of St. Tudno's Church Summer Fair
This was held at Holy Trinity Church on Saturday 27 August, to raise funds for re-roofing St. Tudno's Church.  We were glad to use the parish gazebo as the day turned very wet and windy!

Summer fair

Celtic Harp Concert by Delyth Jenkins Delyth Jenkins at St. Tudno's Church

On Thursday 11 August Delyth Jenkins, one of Wales' leading players of the Celtic Harp, visited St. Tudno's Church to perform a concert as part of her "100 Best" tour.  Inspired by and based on the book "Wales's Best One Hundred Churches" by T.J.Hughes, Delyth Jenkins has been undertaking a concert tour of buildings of architectural, historical and spiritual significance, providing perfect settings for her music which has been described as "meditative" and "rich with imagery".  Her programme included traditional tunes, as well as her own compositions and one by her violinist daughter, Angharad.

A very appreciative audience turned out on a very wet evening and thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful concert - and it even stopped raining!

This photograph shows Delyth tuning up before the concert and there is another photograph on the
Holy Trinity events 2011 page.

The concert was supported by the Arts Council of Wales as part of the Night Out / Noson Allan scheme.

Night Out logo

Concelebrated Eucharist
On Tuesday 12 July we were pleased to welcome members of the Society of Catholic Priests of the Bangor and St. Asaph Dioceses, who returned to St. Tudno's for their annual Concelebrated Eucharist, at which the main celebrant and preacher was Bishop Gregory of St. Asaph. 

SCP service at St. Tudno's Church

Pet Blessing Service
The Pet Blessing Service on Sunday 10 July was held in the church as it was raining but was still attended by a good number of cats, dogs and their owners.  There are more photographs on the Holy Trinity events 2011 page. Pet blessing service
Pet blessing service
Pet blessing service
Pet blessing service
Pet blessing service
Pet blessing service
Pet blessing service
Pet blessing service

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St Tudno's Day St Tudno's Day poster

St. Tudno's Day is on Sunday 5 June. 

On St. Tudno's Eve, Saturday 4 June, the annual Pilgrimage walk took place from Holy Trinity Church to St. Tudno's, visiting St. Tudno's Well by kind permission of the landowners.  The Pilgrimage began with a short service at Holy Trinity at 4.00 pm.  The Pilgrims then walked up the Great Orme, with a couple of stops on the way.  After visiting St. Tudno's Well, the Pilgrimage ended with a short service at St. Tudno's, after which the Pilgrims picniced in the church grounds. 

St Tudno's Eve pilgrimage
The Pilgrims on the way to St. Tudno's.

On St. Tudno's Day, Sunday 5 June, there was a Parish Eucharist at St. Tudno's Church at 10.30 am.  There was not a service at Holy Trinity at this time and a small bus provided a shuttle service from between Holy Trinity and St. Tudno's, so that visitors and the congregation from Holy Trinity could all travel to St. Tudno's.  It had been hoped that the service would have been in the open air but as it was cold and windy the service was held in the church, which was consequently packed.  We were delighted to welcome the Mayor and Mayoress of Llandudno and Miss Alice Llandudno to the service. 

St. Tudno's Day service       Mayor, Mayoress and Miss Alice of Llandudno   

There are more photographs on the Holy Trinity events 2011 and Friends of St. Tudno's archive pages.

Restored Miriam window in St. Tudno's ChurchMiriam restored
We are delighted to report that the stained glass window of Miriam has been restored following the break in at St. Tudno's earlier this year. 

The marble cross which was used as a "battering ram" during the break in has been returned to its grave but sadly the cross was found to have been damaged during the break in.  The cross is now awaiting repair. 

Spring working party
The spring working party was held on Saturday 14 May and the church and churchyard were prepared for the coming season by setting out benches for the open air services, cleaning and tidying. 

There are some more photographs on the
Holy Trinity events 2011 and Friends of St. Tudno's archive pages.
Spring working party
Spring working party
Spring working party
Spring working party
Spring working party

Holy Week and Easter at St. Tudno's
Service of Light at St. Tudno's
On the Wednesday in Holy Week we welcomed our neighbours from Rhoscystennin Parish to St. Tudno’s for a Service of Light and Shadows led by Revd Peter Walker of Rhoscystennin.  The service began in the unlit church while light from the Pascal candle was passed from person to person as "Let all mortal flesh keep silence" was sung unaccompanied (see photo left).  The church lights were then put on for the rest of the service of light, which dates from the fourth century and is associated with the lighting of lamps and with Psalm 141, which was said during the service.

The service of shadows, Tenebrae, originates from monastic prayer in the 12th century and included a reading of the Passion of Jesus from St. John’s gospel.  During the reading the candles were gradually extinguished, the church lights were put out and finally the old Pascal candle was extinguished.  The new Pascal candle was lit at St. Tudno’s during the Easter Vigil on Easter Sunday, as shown in the photo below. 

Easter Vigil at St. Tudno's

The Easter Vigil service began at 5.30 am and the sun was just rising when the barbecues were lit at 6.00 am.  
The service began with
kindling of the new fire, the lighting of the Easter Candle and singing of the Exultet (a special Easter chant).  The Vigil part of the service consisted of a number of readings, psalms and prayers in the darkened church.  The service contineud with the proclamation of the resurrection with organ playing and ringing of bell. Water for baptism was blessed and the congregation were then invited to renew their baptismal vows.  The service concluded with the First Eucharist of Easter. 

Twenty six people attended the service and most stayed on to enjoy a breakfast of barbecued "bacon butties" prepared by the Friends of St. Tudno's Church and eaten outside in the beautiful surroundings of the Great Orme on a beautiful morning (see photo below). 

Easter Breakfast at St. Tudno's Church

Stalls at spring fairFriends of St. Tudno's Church spring fair
This was held at Holy Trinity Church on Saturday 16 April.  The fair opened with a performance from Llandudno Town Band and in addition to refreshments there were various stalls including plants, books and handicraft materials.  Good weather allowed some stalls to be held in the church grounds, where the soft toy bungee jump was in operation.  The fair was in aid of re-roofing St. Tudno’s Church.  There are additional photographs on the Holy Trinity events 2011 and Friends of St. Tudno's archive pages.

Archbishop of Wales sponsors 1000th slate

In April 2011 The Archbishop of Wales, the Most Reverend Barry Morgan, sponsored the 1000th slate for the roof of St. Tudno’s Church. 

Dr. Morgan’s message for the book of sponsors is: “I have very fond memories of preaching at St. Tudno’s when Elwyn Roberts was the incumbent and I was university chaplain.  I have loved the place since those days.” 

The Archbishop is seen receiving a special Sponsor-a-Slate certificate from the Rector of Llandudno, Canon John Nice, following a service at Holy Trinity Church, Llandudno, when the Archbishop had been presenting the Archbishop of Wales’ Awards for Church Music (see Holy Trinity events 2011).

Sponsor-a-Slate has raised £14,700 towards the roof appeal and the Friends of St. Tudno’s Church are continuing to help the parish raise the necessary funds.  For further information, please see the Sponsor-a-Slate archive page. 

Archbishop of Wales sponsors 1000th slate

Add-venture in Learning at St. Tudno’s
On March 17th St. Tudno’s was visited by a group of blind and partially sighted people, accompanied by sighted guides and a number of guide dogs.  The party comprised about 30 people who were taking part in an “Add-venture in Learning” week based in Llandudno.  The party arrived in minibuses, cars and on foot, a number having walked up from Llandudno.  After a welcome from the Friends of St. Tudno’s and a short introduction to St. Tudno and his church, the party was split into four groups to be shown some tactile objects in the church and churchyard, under the direction of some of the Friends of St. Tudno's Church. 

Miriam & St. Cecilia window at St. Tudno's ChurchBreak in at St. Tudno's

We are sorry to announce that th
ere was a break in at St. Tudno's during February.  The vestry window and one of the church windows were broken and a CD player was stolen. 

The vestry window was broken using a small marble cross which had been taken from one of the graves.  The cross commemorates a little girl, Mary, who died in 1883 aged just one year and as her surname was not given on the cross it may take a little while to identify the correct grave to return it to. 

The stained glass window which was broken shows Miriam leading the Israelite women in singing and dancing after crossing the Red Sea and is considered to be a fine example of the manufacturer's work. 

While we are grateful that the damage was no worse, it is sad that our beautiful, peaceful church was violated in this way.

Carols by Candlelight 2010

On Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 December the roads on the Great Orme were nearly impassable due to snow.  However on the Saturday five of the Friends of St. Tudno's Church walked to the church to clear the paths and prepare for the service and there are some photographs of this on the Friends' archive page.  The same five walked back the next day to lead the services and were delighted to be joined by 25 people at the 3.00 pm service and five at the 5.00 pm service.  Most of these were Great Orme residents, but a few had managed to travel from further afield, and all had walked over the Orme to St. Tudno's.

Carols by candlelight
St Tudno's church at Carols by Candlelight 2010

Some of the congregation at the 3.00 pm service (below) and the 5.00 pm service (right).

Carols by Candlelight 2010 at 3 pm
Carols by Candlelight 2010 at 5pm

Photographs © C. Jones
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