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News and information 2009

Ringing over the Christmas period:-
Sundays - as usual 10am for Sunday worship starting at 10.30am.
Christmas Eve 11pm for service starting 11.30pm.
Christmas morning 10am for service starting at 10.30am.
New Year's Day 12 noon

Members of the handbell ringing group have entertained residents and staff at the Convent of Mercy Nursing Home in Colwyn Bay, where one of our former ringing colleagues Brian Blythe is also a resident following a stroke.
The group also entertained members of the Llandudno and Conwy Valley Retired Teachers' Association at their annual Christmas lunch on 9th December, and also parishioners and friends in the Church hall after the Son et Lumiere on 10th December. 

hanbell ringers
Members of the audience join the handbell ringers to "have a go" with the bells after the Son et Lumiere. 


Saturday 21st November. Members of the handbell ringing group entertained with seasonal tunes at the Parish Christmas Fayre.  The ringers were: Betty, Anne, Veronica, Stan, Robin and Ellen.

Handbell ringers

During November the 1st Llandudno Guides visited the tower to learn about the church bells and how to ring them and also had a go at handbell ringing. 

Sunday 8th November. The bells were rung half-muffled for half an hour before the Civic Service for Remembrance at Holy Trinity.

Friday 25 September. A quarter peal of 1260 Plain Bob Doubles was rung to mark the retirement of our Vicar the Rev Jane Allen. This was also rung to congratulate Brian and Iris Patmore of Chelmsford who celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary the following day 26 September.
 Bell ringers and Revd Jane Allen
Front row left to right: Ellen Jenkins (1st qtr), Rev Jane Allen, Elizabeth Curtis, Lynn Ferriday
Rear row left to right: Stan Whittaker, Jason M Walker, and David Raggett (C).

Monday 14th September. A group of our handbell ringers entertained members of the Eglwysbach WI at their monthly meeting. Some of the members were gallant enough to 'have a go' afterwards and all seemed to enjoy the evening.

Saturday 12th September. North Wales Association Striking Competition held at Holy Trinity. A lovely sunny afternoon for ourselves and all our visitors. The competition was won by Buckley who now go on to represent North Wales in the All Wales competition to be held in Newport later this month. Welshpool was 2nd and Bangor 3rd. The home tower was 5th.
A service of evensong  and delicious tea followed the competition. Thanks to all.


August. An exchange of emails with Ruth in Harare suggests that things might be getting a little better. There is now no inflation but that is because Zimbabwe now uses the US dollar as its currency. There are goods in the shops but low wages make it difficult for the ordinary person to afford them.
Ruth's most recent letter appeared in the Ringing World just a few weeks ago but we will not reproduce it here for the time being. She describes the enthronement of the new Bishop which appears to have created great interest and excitement.


Congratulations to Garry Peel who has graduated as Bachelor of Theology from Bangor University.  Garry has been a regular visiting ringer to Holy Trinity while he has been a student, and hopefully we shall see more of him in the next year when he will be studying for his Masters' degree.  Well done, Garry


Friday 26 June.  This was the 80th birthday of one of our former ringers Brian Blythe, who unfortunately is still at the Convent of Mercy Nursing Home in Colwyn Bay following a stroke.  Our handbell ringers went along and entertained Brian and some of the residents too. We were pleased that Brian's wife Betty and her friend Elaine were part of the group.


30 May.  We welcomed ringers from Liverpool Cathedral who rang a 1280 quarter peal of Cornwall Surprise Major.  The ringers are shown in the photo below and the visit was led by Sam Austin (2nd from, left back row) and the quarter conducted by Simon Webb (4th from left, back row).

Liverpool Cathedral ringers

Saturday 16 May. The North Wales Association (Gwynedd & W Clwyd Branch) Striking Competition was held at Beaumaris.  Our team was Colin Birbeck, Lynn Ferriday, Elizabeth Curtis, Becky Anderson, David Raggett (C) and Stan Whittaker.  The judge Donald Marshall placed us 3rd for our touch of Plain Bob Doubles out of five teams entering.


2 April.  The scheduled open method ringing for Monday 6 April was postponed because of Holy Week to Monday 20 April. 


27 - 29 March.  We were very pleased that Wilf and Cherie Grove were able to join us for our practice on Friday 27 March and also for Sunday ringing on 29 March.  Wilf and Cherie were enjoying a short break in Llandudno and it was good to see them again.  Wilf is well known for his bell muffles (Big Wilfs Bell Muffles).
Bell ringers on Sunday morning

Back row left to- right: Wilf Grove, Stan Whittaker, John Horsfield. Front row Lynn Feriday, Ellen Jenkins, Elizabeth Curtis, Cherie Grove, Gillian Blackwell.

Saturday 14 March.  The North Wales Association of Church Bellringers Association AGM was held at the Church of  SS Eurgain & Peter, Northop.  The meeting included ringing, a service and tea. 

Harare Cathedral.  The position is still unchanged, according to a letter in Ringing World, i.e. there is still no ringing.  See Bells News 2008 for more information on the problems there. 


Saturday 7 February.  The AGM and ringing event of the N Wales Association (Gwynedd & West Clwyd branch, was held at Holy Trinity. A reasonable number was in attendance including ten of our own ringers.
Members enjoyed ringing from 2.30 till 4.00 pm followed by a short service of evensong, refreshments, the AGM and further ringing. The existing officials were re-elected, namely Tony Diserens (Bangor) - Ringing Master, Tim Hollinghurst (Bangor Students' Society) - Secretary, and Stan Whittaker (Llandudno) - treasurer.
The 2009/10 programme will include a striking competition in May, a short tour of several towers in early November, and the AGM in February 2010. There will of course be four quarterly Association meetings. All dates will be published in due course on the Association website.

Thursday 1st January.  The New Year was rung in.
Ringing in the new year 2009
Back row left to right:  Stan Whittaker, Peter Goodwin, Gillian Blackwell, Athol Hodkinson.
Front row  left to right:  Ellen Jenkins, Elizabeth Curtis, Linda Fraser, and Susan Calvert.

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