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St Tudno's Church

Celebration Service, July 2012
On Sunday 1 July at 3.00 pm there was a special Service of Thanksgiving and Restoration at St. Tudno's to celebrate the completed restoration work which was supported by Sponsor-a-Slate, to which all sponsors and supporters were invited.  During the service the Books of Sponsors were presented.  Tea and cakes were served after the service, when there was also an opportunity to examine the books, which show the names on all sponsored slates and any associated messages.  The books were available for viewing after services at St. Tudno's during the summer and are now part of the parish archive.  There are more photographs on the St. Tudno's page for 2012 and Friends of St. Tudno's archive page. 

Service of Thanksgiving and Rededication       Books of Sponsors

Sponsor-a-Slate for St. Tudno's Church reaches target
In 1855 St. Tudno’s Church on the Great Orme, Llandudno, was re-roofed and restored thanks to the generosity of one benefactor, Mr. William Henry Reece.  Time and the exposed position of the church took their toll and by 2009 the church once again needed to be re-roofed.  This provided an exciting opportunity for anyone to be a benefactor by sponsoring a slate.  Sponsor-a-Slate was organised by the Friends of St. Tudno's Church and was launched at the Friends' Fair on 5 September 2009, with a target of 1000 slates to be sponsored. 

Sponsor-a-SlateAt the Friend's Fair, people were queueing up to Sponsor-a-Slate, as shown in this photo. 

For £10.00 a slate, sponsors had their names, or that of someone whom they wished to remember, marked on a slate when the roof was repaired. 

Each sponsored slate has a permanent copper label with the sponsor's name engraved on it and the labels have been fixed under the slates, and so protected from the weather, but whenever a future generation repairs the roof the names will be clear to see.  All sponsors were invited to enter their names, and any messages, on the application form.  The forms were bound into four Books of Sponsors which have become part of the parish archive and are thus a more accessible record of contributors.  The Books were available to view after services at St. Tudno's during summer 2012, after which they were transferred to the drier atmosphere of Holy Trinity Church. 

By the time that the restoration work began at the end of February 2012, 1071 slates had been sponsored.  The restoration work was completed during early June 2012.  Sponsor-a-Slate raised more than £15,000 towards the roof appeal and the Friends of St. Tudno’s Church are continuing to help the parish raise the funds for maintenance of St. Tudno's. 

Sponsor-a-Slate Progress

Sponsor-a-Slate progress

Archbishop of Wales sponsors 1000th slate

In April 2011 The Archbishop of Wales, the Most Reverend Barry Morgan, sponsored the 1000th slate for the roof of St. Tudno’s Church. 

Dr. Morgan’s message for the book of sponsors is: “I have very fond memories of preaching at St. Tudno’s when Elwyn Roberts was the incumbent and I was university chaplain.  I have loved the place since those days.” 

The Archbishop is shown receiving a special Sponsor-a-Slate certificate from the Rector of Llandudno, Canon John Nice, following a service at Holy Trinity Church, Llandudno, when the Archbishop had been presenting the Archbishop of Wales’ Awards for Church Music (see Holy Trinity Events for 2011). 

Archbishop of Wales sponsors 1000th slate  1000th slate certificate

MP sponsors 750th slate
In September 2010 the Member of Parliament for Aberconwy, Mr. Guto Bebb MP, visited St. Tudno's to sponsor the 750th slate.  Mr. Bebb (right) attended the Friends of St. Tudno's annual service and was presented with his special Sponsor-a-Slate certificate by Friends' Chairman, Chris Fosbury. 

Guto Bebb MP sponsors 750th slate at St Tudno's Church            750th slate sponsored

Bishop sponsors 500th slate
Sponsor-a-Slate passed the half-way way point in June 2010, with the 500th slate being sponsored by the Bishop of Bangor, the Rt Revd Andrew John. 

 Bishop of Bangor at St. Tudno's Church                        500th slate sponsored

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