Parking Charge Notices

You may have come to this page because you have received a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) from Euro Car Parks, the company which manages the car park at Holy Trinity Church. The company will have issued the PCN because its records indicate that the vehicle involved was parked contrary to its published terms and conditions.

Mistakes can happen. The signs may have been unclear or confusing. The technology may have failed. You may have been given an inadequate period of grace on leaving the car park. Do not automatically pay the charge if you consider it unfair. Fight Unfair Parking Tickets

Euro Car Parks is a member of the British Parking Association which has a Code of Practice. If you believe that the PCN has been issued in breach of the Code of Practice, then you should quote the relevant section of the Code in any communication.

If you dispute the evidence on the PCN, or if there are extenuating circumstances, or if you believe it unfair in any other way, in the first instance you should Appeal to Euro Car Parks.

If you consider Euro Car Parks’ response to your appeal is unsatisfactory, you should contact POPLA, the Independent Appeals Service (IAS) for PCNs issued on private land.

As responsible landowners, the Llandudno Ministry Area needs to know that its appointed managers are operating within both the BPA’s Code of Practice and their agreement with us, and that all users are being treated fairly.

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