Roberts, Edward John

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Edward John Roberts

Military details unknown
Died of illness after discharge, 31 July 1922, aged 34
Buried at (unknown)

Not a war-grave (died after August 1921)

Though Edward J Roberts is named in the Memorial Chapel at Holy Trinity Church, he is neither on the Llandudno Roll of Honour nor on the Llandudno War Memorial. Because the Memorial Chapel was the last of these memorials to be completed, then it is possible that Edward J Roberts’ death came too late to be recorded on the other two memorials. The last certain date of death on the Roll of Honour is 15 May 1920 (Caradoc Evans), and the last on the War Memorial is 31 March 1921 (Arthur Price Hughes). The Edward J Roberts remembered in the Memorial Chapel is probably Edward John Roberts who died on 31 July 1922.

Edward John Roberts was born in Llandudno Junction on 3 July 1888. He was the son of Charles Roberts and his wife Margaret Roberts (née Evans). The Census of Wales for 1891 records the family living at 12 Jubilee Terrace, Llandudno. Charles Roberts was a baker. The Census of 1901 indicates that the family had moved again to “Penmaen View”, Caroline Street. Edward left Lloyd Street School for work on 14 July 1903. In 1911, Edward (23) was employed as a greenkeeper at a golf links and still lived with his parents, as did his elder sister Kate (28) and her husband Frank Roberts. The family’s address was “Endsleigh”, Clifton Road.

Edward John Roberts’ military service is unknown. He died on 31 July 1922 at 4 Morfa Road, Llandudno. He was aged 34 and his occupation was recorded as a blacksmith. The cause of death was valvular disease of the heart (3 years). The informant on the death certificate was his brother-in-law, Frank Roberts.

Two, possibly three of Llandudno’s war dead died of similar causes some years after being exposed to poison gas in the battlefields on the Western Front:

  • Daniel Evans, died 2 November 1919
  • Frederick Raymond Newbery, died 25 April 1920
  • John Jones, died 31 December 1920

Known memorials:

  • Memorial Chapel, Holy Trinity Church, Llandudno

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