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Rector’s Letter December 2016

What is your favourite festival or season in the Christian Year? Undoubtedly many of you would say that it is Christmas or Easter. This isn’t surprising as they are the most important feasts of the Church in which we celebrate the birth and death/resurrection of Our Lord. But there are other less prominent […]

Rector’s Letter November 2016

Last month we distributed three pieces of literature from the diocese, the 2017 Diary in a newspaper format and two booklets Our Vision and Called by God. These gave us quite a lot to read and reflect upon and I hope that everyone has indeed taken time to do just that. If you […]

Rector’s Letter October 1916

Come ye thankful people come…

Harvest Thanksgiving is one of the most popular celebrations in the life of most Anglican parishes. What may be surprising to us is that Harvest services as we know them are relatively modern, only dating back to the Victorian period. Of course, the safe gathering in […]

Rector’s Letter September 1916

The figures of angels in Holy Trinity Church have always intrigued me. They are simply everywhere: stone angels high up on the pillars; carved wooden ones on the clergy/choir stalls, on the altar rails and on the altar riddle posts and reredos; and of course there are angels in many of the stained […]

Rector’s Letter August 2016

‘If music be the food of love, play on.’

This familiar quotation from the beginning of William Shakespeare’s play Twelfth Night reminds us how deeply music can affect our lives – certainly our love life (‘they’re playing our tune darling’). If we look at the rest of Duke Orsino’s speech at […]

Rector’s Letter July 2016

There are two jobs I have to do each month that I find especially difficult. One is writing this letter! Andy, our esteemed editor, kindly sends an e-mail to remind me that copy for the next edition of the magazine is due and when I see it I must admit that my heart […]

Rector’s Letter June 2016

Up at St. Tudno’s, visitors often ask ‘How old is this church’, and they expect to receive a straightforward answer – ‘it’s 500 years old’ or ‘it was built 800 years ago’. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to give such a simple answer because St. Tudno’s, like most ancient churches, has developed organically through the […]

Rector’s Letter May 2016

Choices, choices! One of the assumptions about life today is that we should have choice in almost every aspect of our lives – who we get our gas or electricity from, which schools we send our children to etc. etc. If there is no opportunity to choose between different providers of almost any […]

Rector’s Letter March/April 2016

Matters of life and death are to the forefront of all our minds as we approach Holy Week and Easter – the life and death of our Lord Jesus Christ. In the Liturgies of these days, we will progress from the ‘Hosannas’ of Palm Sunday, through the joy of the Last Supper, the […]