January 2019

A New Year has arrived and many of us have been busy marking a new start and a fresh beginning. Some enjoy a party to start off the new year and look forward to exuberant celebrations with friends and family, others may prefer something rather quieter.

Some of us will have […]

December 2018

In The Royal wedding this year, Bishop Michael Curry of the Episcopal Church of America sounded the right note in his words to the Royals on God’s love. Afterwards people were talking about the sermon as much as about Meghan Markle’s dress! He quoted form the French Jesuit Priest, mystic, and palaeontologist Pierre […]

November 2018

The unpredictability of our world has been a recurring theme in recent weeks. From the battering of terrible storms and bad weather to the turbulence of our politics at home and diplomacy abroad there is a sense that insecurity is a prevalent feature for many. It can feel particularly unsettling to hear of crises in […]

October 2018

I have for the past couple of years been receiving daily emails from the Centre for Action and Contemplation in Alberquerque, New Mexico. It is run by an inspiring catholic priest and Franciscan, Richard Rohr. At the end of August, he send a week of meditations on Judaism the last of which I’d like to […]

September 2018

There’s an infectious sense of new beginnings at the start of September, even if we don’t have children or grandchildren of school age, most of us can remember the thrill and anticipation of a new academic year or starting at a new school. The shops in town are stocked with clothes and accessories […]

August 2018

I’ve been here for two months and almost all the boxes are now unpacked at the Rectory. It’s a strange experience seeing familiar things in an unfamiliar context – from pieces of old furniture to our feral cat Albus – but this summer’s fantastic weather has certainly helped with the settling-in process. When […]

July 2018

Can I begin by thanking those people who have worked so hard during the Interregnum to keep things ticking over; especially those retired clergy who offered support by taking services and the church wardens who have worked so hard at maintaining the church over these past seven months.

The task at […]