Aquarius the Angel, Saturday 7 December 2019

From the Bangor Diocese website: news

On Saturday 7th of December at Llandudno Christmas parade, Holy Trinity Church, Llandudno, launched their latest project to raise money for charity and awareness for the global climate crises.

Like Edith the rhinoceros at Betws y Coed train platform, Aquarius is designed to collect plastic bottle tops. Conwy county council, where Edith and Aquarius are situated say they do, but not all counties recycle bottle tops and they should be left on plastic bottles at the very least to ensure that they are recycled. By taking the loose bottle tops to Aquarius they will be donated to charity and melted down in order to raise money.

Assistant Curate for Llandudno Ministry Area, The Reverend Martin Pritchard says,

“Providing a structure like this for people to bring their bottle tops is a way of us raising awareness of the ecological strains we are under as a planet. The facts of future flooding are real and the priorities are so often pushed back by party politics that the youth it will affect the most are starting to take action. At Holy Trinity Church, we are showing them support, whilst reminding ourselves of our responsibilities as Christians to be faithful stewards of the land, like life itself, the World we are fortunate enough to inhabit is a precious gift, more precious than any gift anybody could ever unwrap at Christmas.”

Aquarius, means water carrier in Latin, so the name of the Angel considering it’s beside the seaside, adds more potency to the message, as plastics and the damage they cause at sea have hugely come to our attention as a society of late. The name was chosen by Phil Russell (in the middle of the picture) of Pilot House Café, Penmon point, who engineered the Angel.

The Angel will be in the grounds of Holy Trinity Church Llandudno from Monday 9th December and you are invited to deposit some plastic lids if you are in the area.

Aquarius Angel for bottle tops

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