July 2018

Can I begin by thanking those people who have worked so hard during the Interregnum to keep things ticking over; especially those retired clergy who offered support by taking services and the church wardens who have worked so hard at maintaining the church over these past seven months.

The task at hand for us as a fledgling ministry area is to produce a mission statement about how we are addressing the three diocesan priorities of

  • worshipping God,
  • growing the church, and
  • loving the world.

As disciples of Christ our first call is to glorify and enjoy God – to offer all of our lives to God in service for blessing, and to acknowledge that everything comes from God and belongs to God. Secondly, we are called to deepen and share our faith in God with others – so that the Church grows numerically and grows in spirituality and grace. Thirdly, as disciples of Christ, we are called to love the world by selfless acts of giving and generous attitudes – to love the world by showing and living the hope of the Cross and Resurrection.

To help in this work, I’ll be producing a questionnaire to help get your views and ideas about how we can best work together to further the ministry of the Church in this place. This will involve conversations with people about their hopes and vision for Holy Trinity and St. Tudno’s so that a detailed picture can emerge over time that all will feel able to recognise, to give their consent to and to own. My role is to try and enable these two church communities to deeper their discipleship and to enable the people of God to be the people God is calling us to become.

At the minute so much is new, and I must beg your forbearance and patience as I feel my way into becoming your spiritual leader. Please pray for us as a family as we settle into your midst and journey with you in what will be both exciting and challenging times ahead.

Yours in Christ


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