Clergy Induction, 3 June 2018

Our new incumbents, Andrew and Mary, were Inducted during a wonderful service at Holy Trinity. The church was packed with parishioners, representatives of local government, members of Cytun Llandudno (Churches Together), Diocesan clergy and well wishers from Andrew and Mary’s previous ministries.

Induction of Andrew and Mary

Bishop Andrew of Bangor Inducted Revd Andrew Sully as Vicar of Llandudno and The Ven Mary Stallard as Associate Vicar of Llandudno (Mary is also Archdeacon of Bangor).

Welcoming our new clergy and family

Archdeacon Andrew of Anglesey welcomed Andrew, Mary and their family to Llandudno.

Induction reception

A reception was held in the church hall.

Cutting the cake.

Andrew and Mary cut a lovely cake made by a parishioner.

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